...WHO WE ARE...

The Dynamic Duo!


Lifelong friends and impeccable business partners! 

Meet Jake Harris...


Jake is a Jacksonville, Florida native and has spent the majority of his life in his hometown. He started DJ'ing weddings at 17-years-old when he was a senior in high school. Jake continued into college and never quit DJ'ing. In fact, his business remained consistent and slowly but surely added knowledge and value to his part-time job in the wedding industry. Jake Launched JH Productions at 21-years-old in 2012. Fast forwarding to the present time, Jake is pursuing JHP into a full-time career and expecting to grow JHP's Entertainment reputation more than ever!

Some of Jake's favorite things to do involve doing everything he can with his two young boys, Jacob and Lincoln. He likes adventure and new experiences. Jake's favorite hobby is riding motocross. When he was a boy, his dream was to be a professional motocross racer. Although he knows he'll never be a professional motocross racer, he enjoys most seeing his kids eager to hop on their dirt bikes and possess the same passion that he did as a child.

Overall, Jake loves quality of life and treating others how he wants to be treated. Optimism is one of Jake's top priorities. He believes that smiling makes the world revolve. He wants people to see his talents as a gift, passion, and an overall irreplaceable experience.

Meet David Shealy...


David is also a Jacksonville, Florida native and has spent the majority of his life in his hometown. David joined the military after high school and had the spectacular opportunity of traveling the world while serving our country.

 Some of David's favorite things to do include playing drums, watching sports (Broncos fan), and spending quality time with his two young children, Noah and Rylee. His current hobbies include building the business, traveling to new cities, learning to play the guitar, and practicing yoga. David enjoys praising God, music, philosophies and science.

Overall, David likes to have fun in life and show people that fear doesn’t exist outside of their own minds. He believes we're free to change this world into a much more positive place. A place full of dancing, love, laughter, and overall good vibes. DJ'ing is a niche that he's always had and now he's able to tap into his potential with JH Productions DJ Entertainment! Now that Jake and David are partnered, Northeast Florida will see a change in the Wedding DJ Entertainment side of the industry!